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Pidoco. Your wireframing tool.


Drag & drop wireframing

Be faster! With Pidoco’s drag & drop wireframing feature you can create professional clickable wireframes really quickly, making it even easier to visualize software and involve key stakeholders.

Cross-functional, interdisciplinary teams and early involvement of all stakeholders are key to project success! That’s why Pidoco has been designed with a clear focus on ease-of-use and usability. The intuitive drag & drop handling allows anyone in the team to quickly create wireframes or prototypes as visual specifications. Forget about programming knowledge, technical terminology or lengthy tutorials: simply focus on being creative and getting immediate results! With Pidoco, every team member, from project managers and business analysts to designers, UX professionals, creative directors, developers and external consultants or project partners, can easily participate in creating reliable and understandable specifications, communicating ideas and concepts and expressing their essential requirements.

Wireframes help visualize ideas, present concepts and make it easy to involve stakeholders early in the development process when leverage is greatest. They depict layout and functionality of applications, and enable teams to develop concepts of superior utility for the customer, long before any coding happens. Wireframes help you think things through before embarking on costly development projects. This enables more productive teamwork and helps ensure project success while saving costs and preventing lost investment. Impress your customers with the speed and value of easy-to-create professional wireframes.


  • Hand-drawn look: Choose between “plain” or “sketched” mode to display wireframes.
  • Large UI library: Choose from a large library of pre-fabricated UI elements to rapidly create professional wireframes.
  • Ease of use: Simply drag UI elements onto the canvas to create beautiful wireframes.
  • Clickable shapes: Go beyond static mockups with functional UI elements that behave like the real application.
  • Annotations: Add technical specifications by annotating wireframes.

Your Benefits with Pidoco:

  • Involve key stakeholders
  • Avoid misunderstandings
  • Prevent errors and reworking

Suggested uses:

  • Visualize and share ideas or concepts
  • Brainstorm design alternatives
  • Elicit and validate requirements

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