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Usability testing

Boost product quality! With interactive prototypes created in Pidoco, you can perform offline and online user tests quickly and easily using our convenient HTML export or conferencing or screensharing tools.

The success of an application is ultimately determined by the end user’s reaction to it. What counts is the user experience of an application, no matter whether you look at a web, mobile or enterprise solution. User experience is perhaps the number one factor in making a purchasing decision, and it drives conversion rates in web shops or user registration in social networks and other sites. Whether people use, buy or recommend applications therefore depends mainly on their usability or ease of use.

Online moderated remote usability testing is an affordable way of validating requirements and design concepts with end users early and often in order to improve user experience and guarantee product acceptance. Prototypes created with Pidoco allow you to easily conduct moderated remote usability tests using web conferencing or screensharing tools to assess the usability of your design concepts with end users. This is an efficient and affordable way of gathering real end-user feedback and improving the user experience of your application early in the design process. Usability testing can help boost the performance of your application, generating higher sales volumes, conversion rates and popularity, and avoiding late rework. Of course, with Pidoco prototypes you can also run offline usability tests by using our HTML export.


  • Screensharing: Perform remote usability tests using web conferencing solutions to observe test users during live testing.
  • HTML export: Use our HTML export for offline testing of your prototypes, for example in traditional test laboratory settings.
  • User-centered Design: Identify requirements earlier and implement them right away.

Your Benefits with Pidoco:

  • Validate concept early
  • Shorten iteration cycles
  • Boost user experience

Suggested uses:

  • Assess usability and user experience
  • Cut unnecessary or confusing features
  • Discuss options with real users

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