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Custom templates

Accelerate your prototyping! In Pidoco you can create customized templates that you can display as positioned layers on multiple prototype pages or re-use as custom element groups throughout your project.

Most websites make use of design templates, so reusing elements across a prototype can be a great time-saver. With the help of Pidoco you can avoid unnecessary time wasting by creating “global layers” and “custom stencil” templates. This feature will help you eliminate copy-paste jobs and stay focused on your concept.

Global layers enable you to save repeating elements of a page and reproduce them on other pages by simply displaying a positioned layer. The elements of global layers always have the same position on the page, and you can adjust the layer content conveniently in one place. This feature is indispensable for headers, footers and navigation panels. Activate a layer on any page simply by ticking its checkbox. Since all layers are global, adding an element to a layer will automatically display it on all pages containing the layer. Custom stencil templates allow you to edit and group elements of your choice and save them as a new template that will appear in the palette of UI elements. Unlike layers, custom templates can be reused multiple times on the same page as well as on other pages of the prototype, and their position on the page is not fixed.


  • Global layers: Create positioned templates that you can display on various pages.
  • Custom stencils: Create flexible element templates that you can re-use multiple times in your prototype.
  • Efficiency: Minimize manual work and save time.

Your Benefits with Pidoco:

  • Minimize repetitive work
  • Save time with global changes
  • Use customized UI templates

Suggested uses:

  • Create header and footer designs
  • Design professional navigation menus
  • Compare design alternatives easily