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Tangible UX

Simulate touch gestures and location-based scenarios! Pidoco lets you prototype rich interactions with touch gestures, device motion control and location-based simulations, making specifying and testing tangible interactions a breeze.

Modern smartphones and tablets have dramatically changed how people interact with technology. But touch gestures today are also a common element of laptops and desktop computers. With its Tangible UX module Pidoco allows you to easily prototype a wide range of common touch gestures like tapping, swiping or pinching. In addition, you can include device motion, such as tilting, flipping, shaking the device or even changes of location (location-based data) into your use case scenarios to simulate novel interactions or location-based services.

Adding touch or device motion interactions to your prototypes is as easy as child’s play with our interaction dialog that lets you describe interactions in simple words. Define parameters for user actions and choose from a broad range of prototype reactions to build a wide range of user experiences. Touch gestures and device movements are part of what is known as “tangible interactions” - a key success factor for modern applications which become more intuitive and usable through the use of such tangible controls.

With Pidoco’s interaction features your possibilities are almost infinite: You can simulate nearly all forms of tangible interactions. No more speculating whether users will understand how to navigate through a smartphone app. Simply use Pidoco’s Tangible UX features to create prototypes with gesture or device movement control and test them before implementation. .


  • Gesture control: Integrate gesture control into your prototypes and simulate rich interactions.
  • Device motion: Simulate how modern apps react.
  • Real-time simulation: Run prototypes directly on mobile devices.

Your Benefits with Pidoco:

  • Simulate touch or device gestures
  • Test in real-life settings

Suggested uses:

  • Create great mobile apps
  • Simulate tangible interactions

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