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Specification export

Save time! Create visually enriched specification documents in PDF or editable RTF file formats with our one-click spec export or download SVG images or HTML files to save on your desktop with just one mouse-click.

Getting complex interactive applications right the first time is difficult – no matter how detailed the initial specifications. Textual specifications are hard to understand, especially for business people who often need to see and interact with a system to know what they need and want: It’s hard to imagine the look and feel of an interactive application. And it’s even harder to accurately convey this image to someone or put it into words. As a result, specifications are almost always incomplete, and many development projects either fail or need a great deal of reworking after the product is implemented. This leads to cost overruns and late market launches – a real threat to profitability!

That’s why Pidoco allows you to turn your prototypes into rich specification documents that visualize requirements by including images of your prototype. With Pidoco’s interactive prototypes, collaboration features, and testing capability, you can edit your wireframes and prototypes until you are satisfied. Then just click one button to generate a full specification document, including the visuals! The optimized specifications that come out of this process are a great resource for the development team, as they include the images of the prototype pages, screenflows and other details. Adding annotations and comments also provides options for technical specifications that enable quick and efficient development.


  • One-click RTF/PDF export: Generate fully editable specification documents in RTF/Word format, including prototype screenshots, screenflows and annotations with one simple click.
  • One-click HTML export: Save a fully interactive simulation of your prototype to your local hard drive.
  • One-click SVG export: Save your prototypes as vector graphics onto your local hard drive.
  • Annotations: Add annotations to pages and stencils to guide the development team.

Your Benefits with Pidoco:

  • Create specifications with one click
  • Use enriched specifications
  • Update specifications easily

Suggested uses:

  • Get sign-off on concepts
  • Run offline usability tests
  • Create development blueprint

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