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Pidoco. Your wireframing tool.


API Integration

Integrate prototyping into your development process! With the Pidoco API you can link wireframes and prototypes directly to your wikis, bug-tracking, requirements and project management systems.

Most professionals use different systems during development or even during the initial wireframing and prototyping stages to keep track of requirements, manage project progress, and communicate with others. Often, business users and developers use different systems. Pidoco helps bridge these gaps by providing a collaborative prototyping solution with central access to projects. But Pidoco offers more to help you deal with these communication challenges.

With the Pidoco API you can link your prototypes to other IT systems, for example by incorporating images of prototype pages into requirements systems or by adding prototypes to your enterprise wiki or project management system via direct links. If you want to integrate Pidoco even more closely with your existing IT systems and development tools, the Pidoco API provides an API key for your application to communicate with the prototype, which enables you to perform different operations like creating, reading, updating or deleting a resource from within other applications. Take advantage of the API access to improve your development or reporting.


  • Embedding: Link up to prototypes directly from within existing applications for easy access.
  • Collaboration: Bridge gaps between different users and IT systems.
  • Integration: Integrate prototyping with your development processes using API keys.
  • Convenience: Use up-to-date visuals for development and reporting.

Your Benefits with Pidoco:

  • Improve teamwork with easy access
  • Communicate across systems and roles
  • Integrate seamlessly with IT systems

Suggested uses:

  • Link prototypes to enterprise wikis
  • Integrate with project management
  • Improve development processes

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