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Mobile prototyping

Go mobile! Simulate and test your prototypes directly on mobile devices like iPad®, iPhone® or Android™ devices, without any installation. You can also use this feature for presentations.

Until now, testing software prototypes on mobile devices meant spending time and money to code the app and install it on the device, or making do with the limited view of a mobile web browser. With the Pidoco Mobile Edition you can run interactive prototypes for mobile apps directly on iOS® and Android devices like the iPhone or Nexus™, even before implementation and without having to install it! Experiencing even the most complex apps on a mobile device has never been easier!

With the easy drag & drop functionality, no programming is required: you can quickly create prototypes in your web browser. Special UI elements and page templates for mobile devices make prototyping for iOS and Android apps really easy and quick. The Pidoco Mobile Edition is fully integrated with the Pidoco Usability Suite. It consists of a module for creating mobile prototypes. Incorporate the experience from your tests into the development process at an early stage, avoid costly changes in later phases, and improve the quality and competitiveness of your products.


  • Mobile UI elements: Quickly create prototypes for iOS and Android apps using special UI elements.
  • Page templates: Use mobile page templates to save time when prototyping.
  • No programming: Design mobile prototypes easily via drag&drop in your web browser.
  • Testing without installation: Run user tests on mobile devices without installing any files.

Your Benefits with Pidoco:

  • Create iOS and Android prototypes
  • Run user tests on mobile devices
  • Save time with page templates

Suggested uses:

  • Test apps for mobile devices
  • Present new apps to customers
  • Get management approval quickly

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