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Pidoco. Your wireframing tool.


Real-time collaboration

Be more productive! With Pidoco’s collaboration functions you can share and edit your projects online simultaneously with several users and improve teamwork using feedback and discussion functions.

Collaboration is the key to successful projects. With distributed teams, increasing mobility, and global sourcing, it’s becoming harder and harder to get all the relevant people into one room. Add external consultants, suppliers, freelancers, and outsourcing or off-shoring partners – and you can see why teamwork is one of the top challenges in today’s business environment. That’s why remote collaboration is the most important lever for increasing productivity and product quality today.

With Pidoco you get a truly collaborative solution that makes it easy and efficient to work together in teams across functions, companies and geographic borders. The ability to share projects, manage access rights, solicit feedback and discuss wireframes or prototypes with your team and customers directly in one application will reduce feedback cycle time and speed up your work flow. This will save valuable time and allow you to get your products to market much faster. Online access to prototypes, the capability of working on projects simultaneously with as many people as you wish, and automatic backups make teamwork easy and can speed up your development process. The remote usability testing module even provides VoIP, chat and screensharing functions, and the collaboration dashboard gives you a fast overview of what’s new in your projects.


  • Online Access: Access and work on prototypes online from any location.
  • Project Sharing: Share prototypes easily with colleagues, customers and users.
  • Access Rights Management: Control who can view, review, edit or test your prototypes.
  • Review mechanism: Add comments to prototypes and reply to discuss design and usability.
  • Real-time Collaboration: Work on prototypes simultaneously, for example during a phone conference.
  • Collaboration dashboard: Get a quick overview of what’s going on in your projects and see who has commented.

Your Benefits with Pidoco:

  • Improve teamwork
  • Speed up turn-around times
  • Reduce time-to-market

Suggested uses:

  • Collaborate with team and partners
  • Discuss prototypes with clients
  • Gather and evaluate feedback

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