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Pidoco Enterprise Edition

Customize your prototyping experience! The Pidoco Enterprise Edition allows you to customize our prototyping software and tailor it to your specific needs, ensuring that Pidoco integrates with your corporate IT landscape and satisfies corporate identity standards and data protection guidelines.

Usability, integration and customization are the key to establishing innovative software tools in medium and large companies. Our Enterprise Edition takes care of these issues, which makes it the ideal prototyping solution for companies that need more. The Pidoco Enterprise Edition comes equipped with the full set of features users know from our SaaS Edition, including drag&drop wireframing and prototyping, real-time collaboration, exports, smart templates and mobile simulation options.

Additionally, the Enterprise Edition offers a broad range of customization options allowing you to adjust Pidoco to your specific needs. A host of branding options are available to adjust the look and feel to your corporate identity and allow you to promote your company’s brand, including custom logos, colors and domains as well as export document templates, email templates and more. You need specific layouts for your prototypes? No problem, we offer custom elements and stencils as well and can help you by designing even complex templates that help your team build prototypes even faster while remaining consistent with your UI design guidelines or pattern libraries.

A wide range of collaboration and team functions in combination with extensive integration options via Pidoco’s REST API allows for seamless collaboration throughout your entire company across borders and time zones. Available integrations include issue tracking and project management tools like JIRA, Redmine or Planio, but our API allows for many others as well and can also handle integration scenarios with your company’s LDAP system. Pidoco has been designed with a clear focus on ease-of-use and usability: The intuitive handling makes Pidoco quick to learn ensuring an easy roll-out to your entire organization while our simple administration interface lets you add users quickly.

For customers who need more than our broad simulation capabilities which include real-time simulation on mobile devices, we offer an additional scripting module that allows you to define individual code snippets to add functionality to your prototypes, ranging from easy calculations to data flow simulation, database queries and even custom prototype elements. Of course, we can also help you design snippet libraries or implement custom features for you, for example to ideally tailor Pidoco to your internal development, review and decision processes.

Naturally, we place the highest emphasis on a secure working environment. In addition to our strict safety standards you can choose between two usage scenarios - hosted by us on a dedicated server or installed on your own internal hardware for maximum data control.

In short, the Enterprise Edition offers the perfect prototyping solution to businesses with special requirements in regard to data protection, customization or integration. We also offer training and advisory services to ensure a quick and successful adoption in your organization. Contact us at sales@pidoco.com or +49 30 4881 6382 for an individual offer.

Download Pidoco Enterprise Edition factsheet.


  • Individual hosting: Choose from two usage scenarios according to your needs - a dedicated server hosted by us or an in-house installation.
  • Branding: Adjust Pidoco’s look and feel to your company’s CI.
  • Integration: With Pidoco’s REST API you can use prototypes directly in wikis or issue tracking, requirements and project management systems.
  • Customization: Choose from a range of customization options including custom stencils and custom functions.

Your Benefits with Pidoco:

  • Custom CI, domain and elements
  • Custom features and templates
  • Integration with your IT

Suggested uses:

  • Customize your prototyping
  • Promote your brand
  • Integrate with your processes

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