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Site Map

What is a site map?

A site map shows the various layers of a website for aided structuring and search engine optimization (SEO). Site maps can be seen as part of the information architecture of a website in that they show the structure of the website and how the information is organized. Site maps additionally display how the website is organized hierarchically.

Benefits of site maps

A large benefit of site maps is their aid in SEO. The site map adds more keywords to the searchable list and thereby enables search engines to find the website more easily, especially if the keyword density of the webpages is relatively high. Site maps are also helpful in orienting users to their location on the site and visually showing what the site offers. This may aid in conversion since the site map can help visitors find the information more quickly and easily.

Site maps and card sorting

A site map may show the structure of the website and demonstrates how the various pages fit within the hierarchy, however determining the site map structure is in itself important. Card sorting may be one method of determining the organization of a site map for the website. After the organization is determined, it can then be implemented.

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