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Faceted Classification

What is faceted classification?

Faceted classification is a method of categorizing elements in a website or software application, so that products are defined by multiple characteristics. Online shops often use faceted classification, so that products can be found through multiple pathways. Faceted classification also enables users to specify more precisely what they are looking for.

What are the advantages of faceted classification?

Faceted classification is a system that enables users to find information or products in a way that is logical for them. This means users are more likely to find a match to their search on the first attempt. For users who want to find a specific product, this can be easily done as each product is defined according to more than one characteristic. For example an item of clothing could be defined by material, size, and color. The more easily users and consumers can find the products they are looking for, the more likely they are to purchase them. Faceted classification can help create a positive user experience, which will increase the chance of a user returning to the site.

How to perform faceted classification

To classify a product according to faceted classification, items should be ordered according to characteristics, such as color, material, or any other categories. Card Sorting can be a useful activity to determine how various users might classify a product. Once results have been collected, products can be tagged with keywords. Navigation bars can also be optimized so that the categories are in a logical order for users and consumers.

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