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6. Previewing projects (simulation)

We've just created and linked three pages. Let's see what the result looks like: To see the prototype in action, open the preview by going back to the "Home" page and clicking the "Preview" button in the toolbar (the preview always starts with the page from which it is launched). This allows you to preview what others will see when you share your project with them. The preview is shown in a new tab so that you can easily switch back and forth between editing and previewing. To update the preview, either refresh the browser tab or hit "Simulate" again.

The preview lets you customize how the project is displayed, depending on your preferences and goals. The last setting is saved for when you open the preview the next time. You can choose between these options:

  • Preview mode: Choose between a classic wireframe look and a "sketched" look that emulates the spontaneity of hand-drawn lines.
  • Alignment: Choose whether to align the screen content left, center, or right.
  • Screen frames: Choose whether to display the chrome of a suitable device around the pages. By default, the preview uses the setting from the Page view, where you edit your project.
  • Scaling: Choose whether to display the simulation in the original pixel size or fit it to the screen size of the viewers device.

And now, enjoy clicking through your prototype!

If you want to see what your prototypes look like on a mobile device (e.g. if you have created a prototype for a smartphone), download the Pidoco App from the iTunes Store or the Google Play store, open it and log in with your Pidoco credentials. This will allow you to test your prototype as if it were a native app.

At this point you are ready to create your first project on your own and continue practicing and exploring Pidoco. Of course, there is still much more you can do with Pidoco, such as sharing projects, collecting feedback, collaborating with others or generating various types of exports. You can continue now - or come back to it later.

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