A better way to wireframe


2. Creating and managing pages

Prototypes that you build in Pidoco are basically a set of pages, which represent the different screens or views of the application you are designing. Pages can have different formats (e.g. smartphone, website, tablet, custom format) and may be linked with each other through interactions.

To model the signup process we will need a total of three pages. You have already created the first one by selecting the screen type. Rename it "Home" by double-clicking on the title in the breadcrumbs and confirming with the "enter" key.

Create two more pages by clicking the "New page" button in the toolbar and rename them "Signup" und "Welcome". The next pages will use the same settings as the first, but if needed, you can change them later when editing the page.

Projects can contain a large number of pages, although we recommend no more than 100 in the same project. To keep abreast of large numbers of pages, you can use folders.

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