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9. Collecting and managing feedback

Pidoco allows you to collect feedback from colleagues, clients and test users right within your project, so that you can easily manage it. Feedback is directly linked to the individual pages of the project in the form of discussion threads (or short "discussions"), which people with "Review", "Read" or "Edit" rights can attach to any screen in the Simulation view. Anyone with these rights can also respond to existing discussions by posting comments into the respective thread.

You as owner and editor of the project can also create new discussions. Let's try it out: Open the Simulation view and drag the "Discussion Marker" to any spot on the page. This creates a new discussion thread. Now post a comment into the thread by writing a message into the input field and clicking the "Post" button. Well done! Now others that you invite to review the project can respond.

All discussions are also listed in the "Reviews" tab of the HOME view, where you can easily find and respond to them.

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