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10. Collaborating on projects

Collaborating on projects is easy in Pidoco, even from a distance. This means that you and others can work together on a project independently or in real-time, i.e. simultaneously access and co-edit the project. Everyone working on the prototype will see the changes on their screen as they happen. Please note that the collaborators must be registered Pidoco users and have a valid Pidoco plan.

Let's try it: First, send an "edit" invitation to a colleague (see Step 8 - Sharing projects. Then ask him to log in at pidoco.com at the same time you are working on the project. To actually collaborate on the project, you don't have to do anything special - simply continue editing it as usual. There are just a few things that will be new:

  1. A collaboration icon in the upper right-hand corner will show you when other people are editing the project.
  2. The "Undo" button undo in the toolbar will work differently than when you are working alone: You can only undo your own actions, not those of your collaborators (other editors). And you can only undo your own actions back to the point where any of your collaborators made the last action. This prevents you and your collaborators from undoing each other´s actions without consultation. Example: Imagine you add a button and rename it "Sign up". Then your collaborator changes its size. And then you define its target to be the "Signup" page and change its size again. Now you can only undo the last change in size and the target definition, but you cannot undo the first change in size or the renaming, since the last action of your collaborator interferes with this undo action. Your collaborator can not make any undos, because you made the last action (the second change in size).

At this point, you are probably thinking that these real-time collaboration features are pretty cool but you may also have some questions, namely "What happens if a collaborator and I edit the same object - at the same time!?" Such a "conflict" of actions is prevented by Pidoco. The software circumvents a program meltdown by simply saving the action of the user who last edited the object, even if the difference between the two editing actions is a mere split second. Example: If you increased the width of the button and your collaborator decreased it just a split second afterwards, Pidoco would show the button in the smaller size.

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