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Versions Tab

In the Versions tab, all your project versions are saved. Pidoco autosaves your project regularly, additionally, you can explicitly save and name your own versions. Thus, you can keep a certain state and access it later again if needed.

What can I do in Versions?

  • Save the current version
  • restore an old version
  • export the project
  • create an API link.

Save the current version

Click on the NEW VERSION button to manually save the current version of the project.

Restore an old version

To restore a saved version of your project select the version you would like to access from the list of available saved versions and click on the link "Create a copy of the selected version". This will generate another project with exaclty the same content as this version. You can decide if comments and collaborators shall be included in the copy.

Export the project

Click on the EXPORT button to download your project, its screens, or a detailed specification of it. You can choose between HTML, SVG, RTF, PDF, and PNG file formats.
Find all options of the different formats and the export dialog here.

With an API link, you can embed your project in a third party application. In contrast to a direct link, the API link can't be deleted anymore, any person with this link will be able to see your project as long as it exists. The API link can be generated in the Versions tab. You can customize the preview settings and define the start page for your API link.

Available quickactions

  • copy to new project: create a copy of this version in a new project
  • rename: rename the version
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