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What is a version?

A version is a virtual copy of a project. Versioning allows you to save a copy of your prototype in a certain state and access this state of your project later on. In addition to the versions you create, Pidoco also auto-saves a version of your project at regular intervals, if the project has been altered. Versions are a good method to save milestones of your work or document approved versions.

Creating versions

To create a new version of a project click on the "Save" button in the toolbar in the Screenflow View (or the Page View), enter a name for the new version and confirm. The version will be saved and you can continue editing the project. You will find all saved versions in the "Versions" tab in My Projects, so you can come back to any of the versions you have saved at any later time.

Restoring and accessing versions

To restore and access a saved version of a project go to the "Versions" tab in My Projects. Select the version you would like to access from the list of available saved versions and click on the link "Create a copy of the selected version". Doing so will generate a new project entry containing this specific version of your project. Rename the project and confirm. This is the same procedure as copying and cloning a project.

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