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User roles

Pidoco users may have one of three roles in each customer account they belong to: owner, administrator (admin, for short) or member. Each customer account has one owner and can have additional people as members. In addition, the owner can appoint members as administrators, who will be able to add and remove members. Members, just like owners and administrators, can create prototypes that count toward the account's project limit.

Types of user roles

The following user roles are available in Pidoco:

  • Member: All new users start out as simple account members. Members can create new prototypes that count towards the account’s project limit. Please note: Members can only archive projects, which they have created.
  • Admin: You can appoint account members as administrators by clicking the "Make admin" button. Administrators can add and remove users from the account in addition to creating new prototypes. You can demote admins to a simple member status by clicking the "Make member" button next to the respective user.
  • Owner: Each customer account has exactly one owner. The owner is the person who created the customer account. The owner can add and remove members, appoint and demote admins, change the name of the account, purchase and upgrade plans, unsubscribe from plans, view the account’s purchase history, and submit ownership transfer requests to Pidoco.

Managing user roles

To change the role of an account member, log in and go to the account management section by clicking on your email address. Then open the "My Accounts" page. There you will find all accounts you are linked to. For all accounts of which you are the owner or an administrator, you will see a link "Member Administration". Click it to open the member administration page of the account, which lists all members of the account. Use the "Make admin" and "Make member" buttons next to each account member to assign the desired roles. The owner is always the person who created the account. To transfer ownership of a customer account to a different Pidoco user, contact

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