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What is the toolbar?

The toolbar is a section of the screen situated at the top of the screenflow and the editor. It serves as a menu containing a number of buttons that offer useful basic functions. Below is an overview and a detailed explanation of each button in order from left to right.

  • New page: create a new page for this project
  • Preview: open the project in the preview
  • Share: share the project via email
  • Get link: get a link to this project
  • Export: download the project to your desktop in SVG vector graphics format, HTML format, as RTF, or PDF, or PNG file
  • Refresh: reload the page in case it is not responding immediately
  • Size: enter or change the page dimensions
  • Context menu: access the context menu of the entire page

  • Undo: undo the last action
  • Redo: redo an action
  • Cut: cut all selected elements
  • Copy: copy all selected elements)
  • Paste: insert cut or copied elements

  • Grid: customize your grid and show/hide it
  • Device/Frame: select the device size for the page and show/hide the frame
  • Zoom: zoom in or out of the page
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