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Stencil Palette

What is the stencil palette?

The stencil palette is a screen section of the Page View. It contains a visual representation of all the stencils available in a project for designing individual pages or layers. It can be found on the left and below the toolbar. This area is used to add stencils to pages by dragging them from the stencil palette onto the editing panel.

In the stencil palette you can search for elements, and add masters, and upload images.

Searching an element

The stencil search atop the palette offers a “Quick Add” function. To find the desired element, simply start typing the first letters. This activates the stencil search and automatically filters the palette to only show stencils that match your search. (Note: This works at any time, provided you are not editing or have selected any element on the page.) You can search stencils, icons, uploaded images and even masters.

Adding an element

Once you have chosen your element from the palette, you can drag and drop it onto the canvas with your mouse. If you used the search option, you can use the arrow keys to select the stencil from the search results and hit “enter” to add it to the page. Hit “enter” again to keep adding more of the same stencil.

Uploading images

To upload images click on the "UPLOAD IMAGE" button atop the stencil palette and a dialog will open up. Click on "Browse" to upload an image from your local drive or add an external link or URL in the field below. (Note: If you create a mobile prototype, you should use images in HD format.)

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