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Stencil Palette

What is the stencil palette?

The stencil palette is on the left side in the editor. It contains a visual representation of all the stencils available in Pidoco. Stencils can be added to pages by dragging them from the stencil palette onto the editing canvas.

The stencil palette contains

Searching an element

The stencil search atop the palette filters the palette to only show stencils that match your search. You can search stencils, icons, uploaded images, and masters. To search for a template, first switch to the template tab.

Dragging masters and images from the stencil palette

All your masters and images are automatically added to the bottom of your stencil palette and can be dragged from there onto the canvas same as the normal Pidoco stencils. You can also add new masters or upload new images with the first two elements in the stencil palette.

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