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What is a stencil?

Stencils are the UI elements that can be added to the pages, masters, or layers. Besides images, they make up the content of your page. All stencils are found in the stencil palette in the editor.
A list of all available stencils with their properties and functions can be found here.

Adding stencils to a page

Drag and drop the desired stencil to the page and the stencil will be added. Once it is on the page, you can further edit it and add interactive behaviour.

Adding stencils to a layer

To add a stencil to a layer, select the desired layer in the right sidebar of the editor and activate it with the eye icon glyph-e052 . Then drag the desired stencil to the layer just as you would do on a page.

Adding stencils with multiple variants

Stencils with multiple variants (e.g. icons, arrows, charts or flowchart elements) appear under one generic symbol in the stencil palette and include a number in brackets. If you drop the generic element onto your canvas, a pop up will present all options available and you can choose your element.

If you later wish to change the element, simply double click on it or open its context menu and click on "Change".

Adding interactions to stencils

All stencils can be made interactive in the context menu.
Read here, how to add interactions.

Arrange and align stencils

You can arrange stencils in the context menu with the Bring to front or Move to back icons. To align multiple stencils, select the respective stencils and choose your alignment preference in the context menu.

Locking and unlocking stencils

Locked elements will have a fixed position so it can't be accidentally moved.To lock a stencil, select the desired stencil and press the "Lock" icon in the context menu. A lock symbol appears , click this to unlock it again.

Copying stencils

You can copy and paste your stencils within or between projects with the standard keyboard shortcuts or the icons in the toolbar. To paste a copy just next to the original, Pidoco offers a shortcut with the keys "cmd/strg +d" or with a click on the "Clone" icon in the context menu.

Adding specifications to stencils

You can add annotation which are included in your project export. Open the context menu and type your note into the text field at the bottom.

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