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What is the Preview?

The Preview shows the result of what you have created. Here, you can try your defined interactions and navigate through your prototype. To start it, click on the "Preview" button color-simulation in the toolbar. It will open a new tab or window in your browser, to close it, simply close the tab or window again.

What can I do in the Preview?

In the Preview you can:

  • view the project,
  • interact with the prototype,
  • create new comments, and
  • read discussions and reply.

Preview Options

There are several options how to display the protoype in the preview:

  • frame: show or hide the device frame
  • mode: show a sketched or plein version of the prototype
  • font: the sketched version can be shown in a comic sans or arial font
  • size: show the original size of the prototype or fit it to the screen size
  • fullscreen: open the prototype in fullscreen

Sharing the preview

You can share only the preview of your project, so the invited person only sees the final product and not your project composition. Simply select "viewing" or "commenting" rights in the share dialog, this will create a link which automatically opens the preview.

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