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Simulation View

What is the Simulation View?

The Simulation View shows the result of what you have created and simulates the clickable project including the defined navigation and interactive elements. To open the Simulation View, click on the "Simulate" button icon-simulation in the toolbar. Alternatively, open the "View" tab in My Projects by clicking on it, select the desired page from the dropdown menu, and click on the "Simulate plain" or "Simulate sketched" link.

Doing so will open a new tab or window in your browser. To close the Simulation View simply close the tab or window again.

What you can do in the Simulation View

In the Simulation View you can view your project in action, simulate the clickable project and experience the feel of the application you have prototyped. You can click through the pages of the project and check the navigation flow as well as the behavior of interactive stencils. To simulate interactions like touch gestures, device motion or location changes, hover over the respective element or page with your mouse and click the corresponding icon shown next to the element.

You can also create discussions, leave comments (discussion entries) or discuss problems, requirements, ideas and solutions.

The Simulation View can be used in two different modes: "sketched" (looks like hand-drawn paper projects) and "plain" (resembles the finished application). People with "View", "Review" or "Collaboration" rights will be able to see this Simulation View, when they click on the invitation link you send them.

In the Simulation View you can:

  • view projects,
  • experience and use the interactive functionality of stencils (i.e. links to a page, pop-ups, play embedded videos, simulate touch gestures, device motion or location-based services, play sounds, etc.)
  • view discussions and discussion entries
  • create discussions, and
  • add discussion entries (comments) to existing discussions to reply to other discussion entries (comments).

Simulating projects on a mobile device

You can simulate projects either in your web browser as described above (e.g. on a stationary PC) or on your mobile device (e.g. using the Pidoco App). To simulate interactions on a mobile device, download the Pidoco App from the respective store (iTunes, Play Store), log in using your Pidoco credentials, and open the desired project by selecting it from the list. Alternatively, share a link to the project via email using the “Send ‘Mobile App’ Invitation Mail” option. Clicking the invitation link will directly open the project in the Pidoco App without having to log in.

Note: The Pidoco App is a viewer only which allows you to simulate projects on mobile devices. Editing of projects is not possible in our app. To edit, log in to, edit the project there and refresh the app.

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