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Sharing dialog

The sharing dialog opens to invite other people to your project. You can enter one or several email addressed devided by a comma. Choose between different rights for your invitees and define several options depending on the right.

Access rights

You can grant your collaborators different rights to your project:

  • view: Collaborators can view the prototype in the preview and interact with it.
  • comment: Collaborators can view the prototype in the preview, interact with it and create new comments or reply to existing ones.
  • fork: Collaborators can open the project in the editor but no changes will be saved. To make changes, they can create their own copy of the project. Also, they can access the project's repository and invite other people with fork rights.
  • edit: Collaborators can open the project in the editor and change it. They have full access to the project's repository and can invite other people to it.

Collaborators with a view and comment right don't require a Pidoco account, whereas invitees with a fork or edit right need to have or sign up for a Pidoco account.

Sharing settings

Customize email
Change the default text to write a personal message to your invitees. Pidoco will automatically add a link to the project.

Customize preview
Set the page which is shown first to your reviewer and define how your prototype will be displayed in the preview. Your reviewer doesn't have these options available in the preview.

Customize landing page
The landing page is a page which is shown to an invitee with comments rights. It is a page which includes instructions before moving on to the actual prototype. You can use the defauld instruction or add your individual instruction. Click "Preview landing page" to see how it will look like.

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