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What is a Screenflow?

Screenflows are a visual representation of a selection of pages of a project primarily used to visualize navigation or process flows. Screenflows are a powerful method of organizing your prototype and modelling different processes or hierarchies, such as workflows, navigation paths or site maps and hence help to maintain clarity and structure in larger prototypes.

Creating and renaming Screenflows

Screenflows are managed from the Project View. You can create multiple screenflows, which are all listed in the Project View. To do so, click on the "+ New" button and a new screenflow will appear that can be named. Different screenflows within one prototype may also include the same pages. Within one prototype, multiple screenflows may exist.

To rename the screenflow within the Project View, double-click on the default name or use the context menu. To edit the name of the screenflow while in the Screenflow View, double click on the screenflow in the breadcrumb navigation.

Opening and editing Screenflows

To edit, open the desired screenflow via the Project View by double clicking on the respective icon. This will open the Screenflow View in a new tab of your browser, where you can edit your screenflow.

Deleting Screenflows

To delete a screenflow within the Project View, click on the "Delete" button of the desired screenflow in its corresponding context menu. If you hit the "Delete" button by accident, you can restore the screenflow with the "Undo" button undo .

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