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Project View

What is the Project View?

The Project View is the first view you will see when you open a prototype for editing. The Project View gives an overview on all the elements a prototype contains of: folder, pages, screenflows, layers, and masters of the project.

In order to access either the Page View or the Screenflow View double click on the icon of a page or screenflow respectively. You can do the same with the folders, layers, and custom stencils.

To close the Project View simply close the tab or window of your browser. Changes are saved automatically.

In the Project View existing or new folders, pages, screenflows, layers or custom stencils can be

  • managed and created,
  • opened by double clicking on them, and
  • cloned or deleted via their respective context menus.

You can also access My Projects, My Accounts, and documentation using the links on the upper right of the Project View. Here you can show or hide tips.

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