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What is a project?

A project (also referred to as prototype) is a draft version of a website or software application. It contains the features of the graphical user interface (GUI) as well as navigation patterns, but not the logic or database structure beneath. Often such prototypes are called wireframe prototypes or simply wireframes, when they abstract from the details of the graphic design and instead focus on the layout and structure of the GUI, utilizing placeholders that look like box-shaped frames made out of wire. Prototypes can be used for visualizing and communicating ideas or concepts.

The projects created in Pidoco are horizontal prototypes that focus on the user interface (UI) level. With the extended interactions, these projects can simulate touch gestures, screen transitions, animations as well as device movements allowing you to choreograph complex interactions using multiple reactions.

Creating and renaming projects

To create a new project click the “+ New project” button in My Projects. Projects come with a default page size of 960 x 1000 pixels. You can change individual page sizes within the project or pick a different default page size from the button’s dropdown, depending on the device for which you are prototyping. The button will remember your last choice. The project will be opened in a new tab or window of your browser. You can rename the project by clicking on the "Rename" button right next to the entry.

Opening and editing projects

To edit a prototype open it by clicking on the corresponding entry in My Projects. Doing so will lead you to the Project View. There you can find all the elements belonging to your prototype, which you can access for editing by double clicking on an item. The Project View will open up in a new browser tab or window.
If you receive an invitation link by someone to view, review a project or to collaborate on it, click on the link and follow the instructions to gain access to the project.

Copying and renaming projects

To create a copy or clone of an existing project, go to the "Versions" tab in My Projects, select the desired version of your project, which you would like to copy, and click on the "Create a copy of the selected version" button . Doing so will generate a new project entry containing the selected version of your project. To distinguish this copy from the original, the copy is marked as such.

You can copy existing discussion entries as well as the involved collaborators, too.

To rename the copied prototype click on the "Rename project" button next to the project.

Archiving and reactivating projects

If you do not need one of your active projects at the moment, you can archive them. To do so, go to My Projects and select the respective project. Then use the "archive" button , which is to be found right next to your project. The project then will become transparent and cannot be clicked anymore.

To use one of the archived projects again, simply click on the "reactivate" button and it will be moved to the list of your active projects again.

Moving projects

Projects can be moved from one project folder to another. To move a project, select it and click on the "move" button right next to the project. In the dialog window opening up, you can select the desired target project folder from the dropdown.

Closing and deleting projects

To close a project, just close the respective browser tab or window.

To delete a project, go to My Projects and click on the "Delete" button right next to that prototype entry. The project will be deleted and will disappear from your repository.

Note: You cannot restore deleted projects!

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