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What is a project?

A project includes one prototype and everything related to it. This means the actual content (pages and assets) with all defined interactions, but also the comments, different versions, and invited collaborators.
All projects which you created or which are shared with you, are listed in the Home View.

Creating new projects

To create a new project click the “NEW PROJECT” button in the Home View.

Archiving and reactivating projects

Pidoco licenses limit the amount of active projects. To constantly create new projects, you can archive projects with a click on the archive quickaction in the Home View. Archived projects can't be opened or edited anymore. To restore an archived projects click on the "restore" quickaction. This is only possible if you have a free project spot available in your license. Otherwise, Pidoco will ask you to upgrade.

Saving projects

Your project is constantly saved as long as you have a working internet connection. You don't need to save it manually.

Deleting projects

To delete a project, go to Home View and click on the "Delete" quick action. Be aware: You can't restore a deleted project!

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