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Password Change & Retrieval

To log in at pidoco.com you need your registered email address and a password.

Setting a password

Your initial password will be set during sign up. Once you have entered your email address in the sign-up form, we will send you and email to verify your email address. This is your registered email address. Once you confirm your email address by accessing the confirmation link, we will ask you to choose a password.

Changing your password

You can change your password at any time. To do so, you must be logged in. Go to the account management section by clicking on your email address. Then open the "My Profile" page and fill in the form fields. You will need to type in your current password to confirm the change. Then hit the "Save" button.

Resetting the password

Should you have forgotten your password, you can regain access to your Pidoco account by requesting a password reset. To do so, go to the password forgotten form and enter your registered email address. We will send you a new access link to your registered email address. Please make sure to check your spam folder, if you do not receive the email. Once you have clicked on the access link, we will ask you to choose a new password.

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