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Page View

What is the Page View?

The Page View allows you to edit pages. To open the Page View, double click on the desired page in either the Prototype View or the Screenflow View. To close the Page View, simply close the tab in your browser.

What can you do in the Page View?

In the Page View you can edit pages and layers. There you will find the toolbar and status field, which function exactly as in the Screenflow View. What is below differs: On the left is the stencil palette and on the right is the panel including the tabs My Layers and My Interactions. The middle contains the editing panel.

The Page View consists of the following elements:

In the Page View you can:

  • Add stencils to a page (drag from stencil palette to editing panel).
  • Link stencils to a page via the context menu (editing panel).
  • Configure stencils and add interactions via the context menu and Interaction Dialog (editing panel).
  • Add custom images for use in stencils or pages (stencil palette)
  • Create layers (My Layers)
  • Rename layers (My Layers)
  • Delete layers (My Layers)
  • Unhide (display) and hide layers on a page (My Layers)
  • Select layers for editing (My Layers)
  • Create interactions (My Interactions)
  • Edit interactions (My Interactions)
  • Delete interactions (My Interactions)

In the Screenflow View or the Page View you can:

  • Use all functions in the toolbar.
  • Switch between open pages and screenflows.
  • Change the page size (context menu).
  • Set background images for pages (context menu).
  • Rename pages (context menu).
  • Add annotations to pages (context menu).
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