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What is a page?

A page is an individual screen that is a part of a project. Each project consists of at least one page, which may include stencils, images, masters or layers.

Creating and renaming pages

To create a new page, go to the Pages tab, click on the "NEW PAGE" button and then choose a page size for your page. You can give the page a unique name straight away or rename it later using the "Rename" option underneath the title of the page.

Editing pages

To edit a page go to the Pages tab and double-click on the respective page. You can now add stencils from the stencil palette to the page or work with assets like layers.

Cloning pages

To clone a page (create an exact copy) click the "Clone" button in the context menu. The clone of the page will appear in the Project View under "Pages". The new page will be saved automatically as "Copy of OriginalPageName", whereby OriginalPageName is the name of the page from which the clone is derived.
Note: Layers of the duplicate page are identical with those of the original page.

Changing the size of pages

To change the size of a page open the context menu from where you can type in the desired page width and height. Alternatively, select the desired page in the editor in the Screenflow View and pull the handles appearing around it to the desired location to adjust the size.

Adding and removing a background on a page

Open the context menu with a click on the three dots icon context-menu in the toolbar and click on "Select Image". A popup opens open in which you can select an image from your assets or upload a new image. To remove the background image, deselect the image in the dialog.

Adding annotations to a page

To add annotations to a page (e.g. to specify requirements for development) open the context menu. Type your notes into the text field at the bottom of the context menu. These notes are included when exporting projects. Another way of adding notes to a page is through the use of the Comment stencil.

Deleting a page

To delete a page, use the "Delete" option in the Pages tab. If you hit the "Delete" button by accident, you can restore the page with the "Undo" button undo in the toolbar.

Copying pages

To copy a page, press the "Copy" button . Use the "Paste" button to paste the page in the desired destination.

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