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My Projects

What is My Projects?

My Projects contains a list of project you have access to, i.e. you created, you have been invited to, or that you collaborate with. The My Projects tab can be found at the top right of your screen. To close this section again log out or close the browser tab or window.

What can I do in My Projects?

Here you can create new projects, rename and delete them, manage the respective access rights and send invitations via the corresponding tab. You can open project for editing by clicking on their name (doing so will open the Project View). Additionally, you can read and respond to discussions. You can directly look at projects in the Simulation View, too. To do so select the page you want to view from the dropdown in the "View" tab and press the respective simulation button (plain or sketched).

List of the available tabs:

View Versions Collaborations Reviews
  • select the starting page
  • invite someone to view your project
  • overview on sent invitations
  • select the base version of the project
  • create a copy of a project
  • rename the copied project
  • access older project versions
  • copy all previous collaborators and discussions
  • overview on sent invitations
  • grant read or write access rights
  • invite collaborators
  • overview on sent invitations
  • invite someone to review your project
  • overview of all discussion entries
  • export discussions
  • subscribe to the RSS feed

In My Projects you can:

  • open projects to edit them,
  • rename projects,
  • download projects to a local drive as a .zip file
  • delete projects,
  • open projects in the Simulation View,
  • archive projects,
  • move projects to a folder,
  • create folders,
  • send and manage invitations to view, review and collaborate,
  • create copies of a specific version of a project and access them,
  • manage viewers, reviewers and collaborators of a project,
  • read, open, respond to, rename and delete discussion entries (comments) in discussions,
  • download discussions to a local drive as a .csv file, as well as
  • subscribe to a RSS feed for discussions.
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