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Account management

In the top right corner, you find a small user icon which opens a menu. The four options My Profile, Accounts, Purchases, and Payment Information bring you to your account administration.
To return to your projects, click on My projects.

My Profile

This section contains all your personal information. You can define or change your username (important for older users only), your email address and your password. To change it, enter the information in the form fields and hit the Save button.


This section shows details about your accounts and accounts you are invited to. Depending on your role, you can upgrade and unsubscribe plans or add and manage account members.

Upgrade*: To upgrade your plan, go to the "My account" section and click the upgrade button next to the account you want to upgrade. You will be redirected to the pricing page where you can choose a plan, select your subscription and payment type.

Unsubscribe*: Unsubscribe your plan on the unsubscribe button in the "My accounts" section. The cancelation will come into effect at the end of your payment period. If you have a monthly subscription, this will be at most in one month, for a yearly subscription, this will be at most in one year. If you cancel your plan one day before it renews, it will be stopped by the end of the day.

*Note: Only account owners can upgrade or unscubscribe a plan. If you are not the account owner, you won't see these buttons. Please contact your account owner in this case.


This section lists all the purchases you have made with their details. If you haven't made any purchaseit will be empty.

Payment information

In this section, you can update your payment information such as invoicing address, billing email, company name or VAT ID. Unfortunately, updating your credit card can't be done here, as we don't store your credit card information.

Change credit card details: Pidoco doesn't store your payment information. Unfortunately, this makes it a little more complicated for you to update your credit card details. Please contact us if you need to do that.

Delete account

Pidoco stores your work even though your plan has expired. We do this to give you the option to return to your work and continue anytime in the future. Therefore, we don't recommend to delete a user account, as this includes deleting your all your work. If you really wish to irreversibly delete all your data, please contact us.

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