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My Interactions (interaction panel)

What is My Interactions?

My Interactions is a screen section (panel) of the Page View. It consists of a list of all created interactions on the page you are editing. This area is used to create, edit, manage, and delete interactions and can be found to the right of the canvas in the "Interactions" tab next to My Layers.

Each interaction on the page has its own entry in the My Interactions panel. Identical interactions are grouped together for convenience. To find out to which element an interaction belongs, hover your mouse pointer over the respective interaction, and the corresponding element(s) will be highlighted.

Managing Interactions

To add a new interaction to a stencil or the page, select the element and click on the “+ New interaction” button in My interactions.

To delete an interaction, click the corresponding “Delete”icon trash .

To copy an interaction from one element to one or more elements, select the element that already contains the interaction as well as all elements to which you wish to copy it. Then click the “Duplicate” button not-applied-to-all of the corresponding interaction under My Interactions.

To find all elements sharing an interaction, select one elements that contains the interaction you are interested in. Then use the “Find All” icon select-all of the corresponding interaction under My Interactions.

This panel can be collapsed, too, granting you a larger editing panel. To do so, simply click on the arrow left of the panel.

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