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Location Data

What is location data?

Location data are information that a mobile device, like a smartphone or tablet, provides about its current position in space. It can be used in your projects. You can simulate location-based applications using the “Change location” option to activate interactions. This allows you to trigger system reactions when the device, on which the project is simulated, reaches and/or leaves a certain location, e.g. a specified address or landmark. This is great, if you want to simulate location-based services (LBS) with your projects.

Adding location data

Location data can be incorporated into your project by adding an interaction interaction to pages, stencils or layers.

To add an interaction that uses location data to your project, select the element which will trigger the interaction, open the interaction dialog. Select the user action “changes the location” and you'll notice that your current location will be displayed on a little map, which is embedded from Google Maps, next to it.

Click on a location on the map to define the area that the user’s device must enter and/or leave in order to trigger the interaction. You can zoom in or out of the map using the little plus and minus signs to refine your selection.

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