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What is a layer?

Layers are global elements, that can be reused on several pages within a project. Any change you make to a layer will appear to all pages within the project that contain that layer. Layers have a fixed position on the page, thus, they are particularly useful for navigation elements and such. Additionally, layers can be assigned interactive behavior, i.e. they can be displayed or hidden as a reaction to any user action.

Creating layers

Layers can be created in the Assets tab or in the right sidebar within the editor. Independent of where they were created, all layers are accessable from both, the assets tab and the sidebar.

To create a new layer in the editor , click on the "+ New layer" button in the right sidebar. The new layer will be automatically open and you can add stencils to it. To rename the layer, double click on the given name in the sidebar or in the opened layer breadcrumb.

Organizing layers

All layers available in a project are listed in the right sidebar of the editor. You can order them by dragging them to the desired position with your mouse. The top layer in the list will be displayed on top of all others, and so on.

Visibility of layers on a page

On each page, visible layer are marked with the eye icon glyph-e052 , invisible layers with a dashed eye icon glyph-e053 . Click on the icon to toggle the state and show or hide it on the current page.

Editing layers

Select the layer in the right sidebar. This opens the layer editing panel (the breadcrumb navigation shows the layer name) in which you can place and arrange stencils. Make sure to set the the layer to visible before you are editing it, otherwise you won't see what you are doing. Click on "Close layer" to return to the previous view.

Deleting layers

To delete a layer, open the right sidebar in the editor and click the delete icon delete next to the respective layer. If you delete a layer by accident you can restore the layer by clicking the Undo icon undo .

Important: Deleting will remove the layer from all pages not only from the currently shown page!

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