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What is an invitation?

An invitation is an email containing a hash encoded link associated with a certain access right that - upon clicking on it - either opens the project on a pre-defined page in the Simulation View (when granted "View" and "Review" rights) or adds the project to the invitee's My Projects view ("Collaboration" right) allowing for editing it after logging in. In order to grant access rights to an user you have to send invitations from My Projects, the Screenflow View or from the Page View. Sent invitations are listed in the respective tab of the project in My Projects.

Sending an invitation

To send an invitation, go to My Projects and choose the "View", "Collaboration" or "Review" tab, select the appropriate right you wish to grant, and then click on the "Invite" button. Doing so will open a dialog window. Set the desired options (e.g. project start page, simulation mode, recipient email address and customize message) and finally press the "Send" button . Alternatively, go to the Screenflow View or the Page View, place your mouse over the "Share" button email , click on the desired option, and you are directed to the dialog window again.

Rescinding an invitation

To rescind an invitation, go to the respective tab in My Projects and delete the invitation from the list of invitations.

Accepting an invitation

To accept an invitation, that has been sent to you via email, click on the invitation link and follow the instructions.

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