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What are images?

You can add images to your project pages. They can be static images uploaded from your computer or dynamic images uploaded from an URL. All images can also be used as background image.

Add images to the project

In the assets tab, you can upload several images at once with a click on the ADD NEW button. Alternatively, you can drag and drop your images in your asset list. All images will be available in the editor at the bottom of the stencil pallette.

Embed dynamic images from an URL: Enter the exact URL of your image in the image upload dialog in the IMAGE URL field. The image will be visible as long as the URL is valid.

Add images to pages

To include an image on a page, open the page in the editor, and simply drag and drop your image file on the canvas. If you have already uploaded your images in the assets tab, they are also available at the bottom of the stencil palette and can be dragged onto the canvas from there and reused in the project.

To replace an image placeholders with a real image file, double click the image placeholder or open its context menu and click the "Select image" link. Select a previously uploaded image file or upload a new file.

Scaling and cropping images

You can scale and crop images directly in your project. To do so, select the image on the canvas and use the anchor points to scale it as desired. To scale proportionally, hold the Shift key while scaling. To crop the image, hold the Strg or CMD key.

Images as page background

To set an image as background, open the context menu of the page and click on "select image". The image will be scaled to fit the page dimensions.

Add an image as page

You can drag an image to your pages tab (list or map view) to upload it and immediately create a page out of it. This page will have the same dimensions as the image and the image is set as background.

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