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What is a discussion?

Discussions consist of one or more comments. They are dialogues between all people with whom you are sharing your project and who have either commenting, forking, or editing rights. All your disucssions and comments are listed in the comments tab where you can manage them.

Starting a discussions

Discussions can only be started in the preview. There, in the top left corner of your prototype, there is a discussion marker color-comment-orange which can be dragged to the any position on the screen. Doing so will open a discussion window, in which you can add a name to this discussion and add a comment into the text field.

Reading and responding to discussions

All comments of your project can be accessed from the comments tab, the right sidebar in the editor, or from the preview. In each place, you can read and respond to them or change the status of a comment.


Discussions can be assigned one of three statuses: open, done, and approved. The status can be changed in the comment dialog or in the comments tab via the quicklinks "mark done", "mark approved", or "reopen".

Deleting discussions

Discussions can be deleted by clicking the "trash" icon in the discussion dialog trash or the "delete" quick action in the comments tab.

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