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Screen size

Pidoco supports prototypes for different devices, such as tablets, mobile phones or browser. There is a preselection of 10 popular devices in landscape or portrait orientation which automatically adapts the screen size of your project's pages. You can also choose an individual screen size by entering the amount of horizontal and vertical pixels of your custom device.
Projects are not restricted to one device, you can create pages for different devices or orientations in one project.

How to choose the device size

When you create a new page, a dialog window opens automatically asks you to choose a screen size.

How to change the de size

To change the screen size of one page, open the page in the editor and click on the smartphone icon on the right side of the toolbar (next to the zoom option). A dialog window opens in which you can choose between other devices and orientations or define your custom screen size.
Alternatively, the screen size can be changed in the page's context menu by changing the screen type.

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