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What is a master?

The master (formerly called "custom stencil") is similar to the layer in Pidoco. With masters, you can group a collection of stencils. The spatial relation between the stencils is maintained and these stencils can be used repeatedly throughout your prototype.

Creating masters

You can create a master using the CREATE MASTER button in the stencil palette. A click on it directs you to the page on which you can build your new customized stencil. Once you are finished, click on "Close master" in the toolbar and you will be guided back to your project page. This new element will be added to the stencil palette. If you wish to define a specific position in advance and then create the master, just drag the CREATE MASTER button to the desired part of the page.

If you have already arranged several elements on a project page and wish to create a master from that, highlight this combination of stencils, right click on it and click the "Convert to master" icon in the context menu.

Alternatively, you can also create masters from the Project View by clicking the "+New" button in the corresponding section.

Adding masters

All masters that you created can be found on the bottom of the stencil palette and are marked as such starting with "CUSTOM STENCIL..." or contain the name you gave them. To add an existing master to your page, select it from the list on the bottom of the stencil palette and drop it to your editing panel.

Renaming masters

You can rename a master in the Project View by opening its context menu and editing the name in the "name" field. Alternatively, open the master and double-click on the name in the breadcrumbs.

Editing masters

To edit a master, either double-click on the master from the Page View, or click on the master from the Project View. You will then be taken to a page where the master can be edited. This can also be seen in the breadcrumb navigation. Note: When editing stencils, the changes will be implemented wherever you have used the master.

It is also possible to detach copies of a master from the template, if you do not want the changes to have an effect on the master. This cannot be reconnected to the original master.

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