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What is a master?

A master is like a template which you can create yourself out of several Pidoco stencils. It is added to the stencil palette and can be used repeatedly throughout the project. With every use, an instance of the master is generated. Any changes to the master are applied to all instances.

Creating masters

To create a new master, do one of the following:

  • In the editor: Click the CREATE MASTER button in the stencil palette. Now you can design the master.
  • In the context menu: Select two or more stencils, open the context menu, and hit the "Convert to master" icon .
  • In the Assets tab: Use the NEW ASSET button and select "Master".

All masters will be added to the bottom of the stencil palette. You can use them like any other stencil.

Renaming masters

To rename a master, open the Assets tab and use the "Rename" option underneath the list entry.

Editing masters

To edit a master, either double-click on it in the Assets tab or in the editor. You will then be taken to the master editor.

Note: Changes to the master wil propagate to all instances of it - unless you have detached the instance from the master.

Detaching instances

You can detach an instance from its original master, if you want to make changes only on this particular instance or don't want changes to propagate to a specific instance. To do so, open the context menu and click on the "Detach from master" icon . Detached instances cannot be reconnected to the original master again.

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