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Customer Account

Every Pidoco user is assigned to one or more Customer Accounts. Customer accounts help you organize projects and ensure correct billing. For example, you can have one account for personal projects and one for your company's projects. Each account is billed separately.

Managing Customer Accounts

To manage an account you must be a member of the account with a certain user role, which determines what you are allowed to do. In particular, you need to be the owner or an administrator (short: admin) of the account. To see all customer accounts which you are associated with, go to the account management section by clicking on your email address at the top right and open the "My Accounts" page (you must be logged in). You will see all your customer accounts listed by user role. All accounts you own or are an admin of will be listed under “Accounts I own or manage”. Accounts which you are a simple member of will be listed below.

Changing the account name

To change the name of the account, click the “Edit” icon () and enter the desired account name. Then press the enter key or click outside the text field to confirm.

Managing paid plans

To buy a plan, upgrade to a higher plan or unsubscribe from a plan, click the respective button associated with the respective plan.

Adding/removing users

To add a user to a customer account, click the “Member Administration” option of the respective account. You will be taken to the member administration page of the account. Under “Add members” enter the full names and email addresses of the users you would like to add to the account. Then confirm by clicking the “Add members” button. You can add multiple new members at the same time.

The invited users will receive an email with a confirmation link to confirm their membership. If the invited users do not have a Pidoco user account yet, a new one will automatically be created for them. Invited members will be able to create projects in your account that count towards your account’s project limit.

To remove a user from a customer account, click the “Member Administration” option of the respective account. You will be taken to the member administration page of the account with a list of all members of the account. Select the members you wish to remove using the checkboxes (to remove the account owner, contact us at and click the “Remove selected members” button. The removed members will no longer be able to create projects in your customer account, but they may still have access rights to the existing projects. To revoke access rights to projects, you need to remove the collaborators directly from each project by going to My Projects.

You can use the “Make admin” and “Make member” buttons next to each account member to assign the desired user roles.

Transferring account ownership

The owner of an account is always the user who originally created the account. To transfer ownership of a customer account to a different Pidoco user, contact

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