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Context Menu

What is the context menu?

The context menu allows you to edit elements, change their name, appearance or behavior. It contains the "Properties" tab (to change general settings) and "Interactions" tab (to add rich interactions), and thus element-specific options that refer to individual elements like pages, layers, or stencils, masters as well as other elements, which have mini context menus. The context menu is available when editing pages or stencils in the Screenflow View, the Page View or the Project View.

Opening the context menu

To open the context menu select or hover over an element with your mouse and click on the green "Options" button , which appears on the left. Alternatively, right click on a page or stencil. Doing so will open it directly next to the element.

Using the context menu to edit options

The different options depend on each element, which gets edited. To use the functions accessible via the context menu simply click on the respective button.

Icon Name Description
Clone Create an exact copy of an an element.
Hide Hide an element from a Screenflow.
Delete Delete an element.
Lock Lock an element in place to avoid accidental moving.
Unlock Unlock an element.
Move to back Move an element to the back of a layer.
Move to front Move an element to the front of a layer.

Setting properties in the context menu

To set properties in the context menu (e.g. "Width", "Height", "Target", "Tooltip") simply click on the grey field next to the respective property. Doing so will allow you to enter text and numbers or select an entry from a dropdown. Using this method you can change the size of pages and stencils, define links between pages, set background images and much more.

Adding interactions via the context menu

To add an interaction to a stencil or page via the context menu and select the “Interactions” tab. Then click the “Add interaction” button to open the interaction dialog and to choose from various user actions and system reactions.

Closing the context menu

To close the context menu simply click outside of it with your mouse.

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