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Context Menu

What is the context menu?

The context menu is a context-sensitive element menu available in the editor that allows you to edit elements, change their properties, and add interactions to them. It contains a "Properties" tab and an "Interactions" tab. It is accessed via a little arrow icon that appears next to a stencil when selecting, hovering over or right clicking it. To close the context menu, click outside.

Properties Tab

The available options vary depending on the selected item. The most popular ones are:

Icon Name Description
Clone Create an exact copy of an an element.
Delete Delete an element.
Lock Lock an element in place to avoid accidental moving.
Unlock Unlock a locked element.
Move to back Move a stencil to the back of a layer.
Move to front Move a stencil to the front of a layer.

There are additional actions if several elements are selected:

Icon Name Description
Group Group the selected stencils.
Master Create a master out of the selected stencils.
Spread Spread the selected stencils equally (vertically or horizontally).
Align Align the selected stencils (horizontally or vertically).

The property settings let you define the visual appearance of the element (e.g. color or width), set a


or tooltip, and define initial states (e.g. checked or disabled). Additionally, there are individual properties for specific stencils.

Interactions Tab

Here you can define interactions for an element. To do so, click the “Add interaction” button to open the interaction dialog and choose the desired settings.

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