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Collaboration Tab

The collaboration tab shows you with whom you have shared your project and which access rights your collaborators have.

What can I do in the Collaboration tab?

Share your project

You can share your project either by retrieving a link which you can spread to others yourself, sending an email to invitees ("share"), or by granting all your account memmbers access.

Email invitations
Click on the SHARE button to send an email invitation to one or several people to collaborate on your project. Define the access rights for your invitees and enter a personal note which will be sent in the email. The invitee will receive an email with an access link. Invitations to edit are valid only for one use.
There are additional options available in the sharing dialog.

Share your project with your account members
Sharing your project with all account members grants everyone access to your project who is connected with your customer account. To do so, use the Team access switch next to the search bar.

Remove access to your project

You can remove access for collaborators or direct links from your project by clicking on the "Delete" option directly underneath the sharing entry. This immediately removes the access.

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