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Welcome to the press page of Pidoco GmbH. Below you will find information and facts on Pidoco as well as some images and our logo. If you would like to write about Pidoco, we’ll offer you a free license to try Pidoco out! Just get in touch with us.

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What is Pidoco?

Pidoco is a web-based Rapid Application Prototyping software that enables users to quickly create wireframes, interactive software prototypes and visually enriched specifications for web and mobile applications without any programming.

What does Pidoco do?

Pidoco is a tool that allows online collaboration between IT professionals and other stakeholders in the development process. Pidoco enables users to design and deliver usable web and mobile applications without the usual delays and cost overruns. Prototypes created with Pidoco look, behave and feel like the real application and can be used in the very early stages of the development process to ensure that everyone has the same understanding of project requirements and goals. These prototypes can be used to simulate applications before they are built and even test drive them with real end users.

Application Prototyping is a powerful method for minimizing project risks through visualizing and simulating software. This has proven to deliver enormous value to businesses around the globe. With Pidoco, businesses can:

  • Slash development time by up to 50%
  • Cut development cost by up to 30%
  • Involve key stakeholders
  • Boost user experience
  • Ensure project success

Pidoco is easy to use and offers sharing and real-time collaboration features, a convenient specification generator, exports and a smart templates so users can easily collaborate with their team and key stakeholders while maximizing productivity.

Who is behind Pidoco?

Pidoco is developed and marketed by Pidoco GmbH, a German start-up based in Berlin. Pidoco GmbH was founded in 2008 and today is a leading provider of collaborative Rapid Application Prototyping solutions.

Who uses Pidoco?

Today, professionals in leading companies in over 50 countries rely on Pidoco for their business success. With its software visualization and simulation capabilities, Pidoco allows them to get products to market much faster, minimize development cost, and dramatically improve their products’ user experience.

UX/Usability professionals: Interactive prototypes created using Pidoco are an ideal basis for performing moderated remote usability tests with real users to evaluate user interface design concepts at an early stage before implementation.

Product managers: Prototypes created using Pidoco are easy to grasp and thus an ideal way to stay up- to-date on design concepts, involve all project members, get management buy-in and steer projects successfully.

Consultants and analysts: Prototypes help involve all key stakeholders during requirements analysis when far-reaching decisions are made and support efficient communication with management and business units before and during the implementation phase.

Developers and designers: Prototypes allow developers and designers to draft usable applications by effectively involving non-technical stakeholders early in the process when critical design decisions are made. They are also an ideal tool for getting quick feedback and helping clients communicate their requirements.

Marketing professionals: Interactive prototypes help marketers plan online campaigns, outline micro-sites, and steer external sourcing partners – even when they are far away.

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