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About Us

Pidoco GmbH is an independent software producer dedicated to providing its customers with state-of-the art software solutions for Rapid Application Prototyping of web, mobile, and enterprise applications.

We strive to offer you the easiest, fastest and most collaborative solution for generating and testing interactive application prototypes so you can focus on creating value for your customers because that's what ultimately makes you successful!

About Our Product

Pidoco is a web-based Rapid Application Prototyping software that makes it easy to quickly create wireframes, interactive software prototypes, and rich specifications without any programming. This allows you to test drive software directly with end users before implementation, with the potential of saving up to 30% of total development costs and dramatically improving software quality. Pidoco is easy to use, with handy sharing and collaboration features, a convenient specification generator, exports and much more.

About Our Technology

Our cutting-edge native browser-based technology enables vector graphics manipulation and real-time collaboration in any modern browser on any common operating system and allows you to easily create and share wireframes, interactive prototypes, and specifications to collect feedback and optimize GUI design. Just give it a try and experience the difference!

About Our Customers

Pidoco has been successfully used by UX professionals, designers, product managers, business analysts, developers, and others on more than 50,000 wireframing and prototyping projects in leading media agencies, SMEs and enterprises in more than 50 countries. When will you join the leaders in collaborative UX prototyping?


A few years ago, Pidoco started as a project at the Hasso Plattner Institute for IT-Systems Engineering in Potsdam near Berlin. "The project was too good to pass up!". That is why a business plan was developed and a prototype created - for a prototyping software!

Enthusiasm for the project grew quickly. After winning at several business plan and other competitions the company was founded in 2008, and the first version of the prototyping software was released on the market. Having gained support from the High-Tech Gründerfonds (High-Tech Investment Funds), several new modules of the UX software were added, and today the software is used on five continents.

Management Team

Photo von Philipp

Philipp Huy, CEO (philipp@pidoco.com)

Philipp is Pidoco's CEO and in charge of business development and finance. He studied physics and business administration at Williams College, USA, and at the TU München, Germany, and gained experience in several major corporations. If you are interested in a partnership or in becoming a distributor you can contact him.

Photo von Charles

Charles Bourasseau, Head of Development (charles@pidoco.com)

Charles takes care of the product quality and maintains and refines Pidoco. He has been working for Pidoco since he started as an intern while still studying at Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin. If you have any technology-related questions, Charles is the right one to talk to.

Photo von Silvan

Silvan T. Golega, Head of IT (silvan@pidoco.com)

As Head of IT, Silvan is in charge of ensuring that Pidoco's back-end systems are working at all times. In addition, he takes care of in-house installations and custom development projects. After completing his studies in Software Systems Engineering, Silvan worked as a freelance IT consultant for several years.

Photo von Tino

Tino Truppel, Head of Service (tino@pidoco.com)

Tino is in charge of customer projects and always has an eye on Pidoco's user experience. Tino studied software engineering at the Hasso Plattner Institute and has worked as an independent usability advisor. Tino is also an avid user of Pidoco.